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Divisionism: the characteristic style in the Neo-Impressionist modern art movement

Divisionist: one of the political factions in Beat Poet William S. Burroughts’ Naked Lunch (those who occupy 'a midway position' who 'literally divide' yet 'live in fear of a replica revolution').

London's Divisionists have one of the catchiest songs I've heard all year. "Say Can You" is a huge 90s throwback, in the best possible way. It's like a forgotten mid-90s power pop gem, like a cross between Polaris and Matthew Sweet. The verses and choruses are catchy enough to make this song good, but it's the guitar solos that come in like a second vocalist and truly steal the show. The guitar is just this perfect swirling persona that comes in and then fades away. Each time it returns, it's even fuzzier and more riveting than the last. "Say Can You" is a must listen.

If It's Too Loud...'s review of "Say Can You" [LINK]

Fronted by Brendan Quinn (guitarist/ vocalist for the legendary cult psychedelic/space-rock pranksters, Abunai!), Divisionists’ style encompasses psych, power pop, and reimagined traditional folk ballads, all with a loud and memorable rock influence.

They have shared stages with artists such as recording artist Alex Monk (of Smeraldina-Rima Records), Swiss garage-psych legends Roy and the Devil’s Motorcycle, and Pete “Bassman” Bain (ex-Spaceman-3 and ex-Darkside).

The Players (photos by Ian Falconer)

Mark Bennett

guitars, synths, backing vocals

previously a member of Faults, and currently a member of the ambient/noise collective, Slice

Rob McGregor

drums, percussion

previously of Godmuffin, Inch Blue, sulum, The Midnight Rambler; currently with Parallax

Brendan Quinn

lead and backing vocals, guitars, piano, organ

best known as the guitarist/vocalist for the legendary cult psychedelic/space-rock pranksters, Abunai! (regulars at the Terrastock Festival and three albums/two EPs on the Camera Obscura label)


Mike Whitaker

bass, piano, backing vocals

producer/artist for NéPALM Music since 1989; bassist for Americana and Mill House Band; musical director and guitarist for the musical “Before the Dawn”; previously guitarist for Phoenix, This Way Up, Camera, O-Zone, and Decomposition



Daybreak (full LP)

release date: 17 March 2017

"Just as bewitching as incredibly radiant, Divisionists' music is for dreamers, idealists, and those who hope for a better world! They impress the listener with sounds like a sweet and velvety caress".

Dream Landscape

single from the upcoming Daybreak album
(release date: 3 March 2017)

"In Dream Landscape... the soundscapes are a dream and the sounds we hear are so vibrant. Here we think of Love and King Crimson, but also to similar bands, both for the song and for the inspiration."

Say Can You

single from the album Daybreak - now available!

"An invigorating melodic, irredeemably catchy song that boasts polished production and resplendent harmonies"

"we play rock music…"

“From past influences such as traditional folk, the Byrds, The Beatles, and the The Velvet Underground, to The Stooges, Crazy Horse, and even to noise bands such as High Rise and Les Rallizes Denudes, Divisionists’ motto, "we play rock music" encompasses them all. Divisionists' sound is an all-inclusive one, serving up a smorgasbord of goodies, ranging from sunshine pop, to droney, Neil Young-ish dirges, with a side order of giant guitars along the way. New twists on centuries-old songs are the cherry on top of this dynamic rock band's offerings.”

HotVox 2012 review of “we play rock music…” [LINK]


The Divisionists by Ian Falconer